Monster Hunter Armor!

As you hunt through the different environments, taking these large beasts down, you will be collecting various pieces of them. This could be a fin, shell, bone, claw, wing webbing, who knows! It’s what you can do with them that counts! Here is an updated picture due to me realizing the last one didn’t show any actual equipment, or my normal weapon.

Isn’t Panda-Ice adorable!

So each monster you can fight has their own armor set. You have to craft each item individually which means you have to fight a monster MANY times. This is what made me start thinking along the lines of capturing over killing. It made the grind for parts much quicker in my opinion.

Beotodus Armor

Beo B +

So looking at the image above you can see the Beutodus’s armor has two different variations. This is common for armors High Rank or Master Rank. Each armor piece has preset slots for gems(decorations) based on the version.

When a version is “a” or “alpha” it favors the armors natural abilities and offers less/smaller gem slots. On “b” or “beta” armor, it has lesser version of the armors distinct abilities but in turn offers larger/more gem slots. Every hunter finds a different combination that fits their current weapon, or fight style. The “+” is to show that it is Master Rank equipment.

Each armor is designed after their respectice creature/material source. They also offer bonuses to defense and elements based on the originating creature. The first creatures armor we are going to discuss is the Beotodus’ armor.

I chose to feature this armor solely based on it’s appearance. When I play the game, I prioritize looks over ability. I know I’ll make it through eventually! Getting further into this armor, it offers

  • 590 Defense
  • -15 Fire Defense
  • 0 Water Defense
  • -10 Thunder Defense
  • 15 Ice Defense
  • 10 Dragon Defense

The Beotodus is a Piscine Weavern, or essentially a really big fish-like creature. This wyvern lives in the Hoarfrost Reach swimming through the snow in search of prey. It is one of the monsters added in the Iceborne expansion!

Now each of these stats should be self explanatory, but the amount shown is the total for the entire set. Each piece holds it’s own individual contribution to the total. This allows you to mix and match whichever armor you choose.

Banbaro Armor

Banbaro a+

I enjoyed this armor due to it’s fluffy properties. The legs being bare is a bit counterproductive but I feel it’s aesthetically pleasing. If you wanna see a Banbaro, I fight one here. Now onto it’s actual properties.

Just like the Banbaro, this armor is big fluffy and sturdy. The Banbaro lives in the Hoarfrost Reach as well creating it’s furry design. It’s defenses are pretty solid as they come in at:

  • 650 Defense
  • -10 Fire Defense
  • 10 Water Defense
  • -5 Thunder Defense
  • 15 Ice Defense
  • -15 Dragon Defense

These rating make sense for the creature as well. A hairy beast living in a snow covered location would naturally be more resistant to water and ice. Thunder and fire are not common occurances for this creature creating a negative resistance.

Velkhana Armor

Velkhana a+

Now Velkhana is an awesome, crazy powerful, icy elder dragon. The fight took me almost 40 minutes on my first attempt and it was BRUTAL. This outfit hust screams power and I will have the entire outfit one day! Here are some of it’s stats to compare a lesser creature to an elder dragon.

  • 770 Defense
  • -15 Fire Defense
  • 10 Water Defense
  • -5 Thunder Defense
  • 20 Ice Defense
  • -5 Dragon Defense

Now this behemoths initial defense is huge compared to the others. Realistically it is an ice dragon, so water and ice resistances SHOULD be higher. Fire melts ice, thunder conducts water. It makes sense. Now dragon defense is hit or miss for any armor. I personally havn’t found the relation between who would have it and who wouldn’t.

That’s all!

Here are a couple more armor sets that I find to be aesthetically pleasing. I enjoy dressing me and my palico up for our hunts. Sometimes I account for what would be best, generally I don’t… but here are the other armors!

Glavenus a+ armor
Shrieking Legiana a+
Barioth a+
Radobaan a+

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