Back to Monster Hunter!

Did I tell you how much I love this game? I’ve been working on trying to set my computer up to record gameplay. Here are four of the monsters being fought in an arena. I am horrible.

Pukei Pukei

Pukei Pukei – weird iguana, owl, poison thing

It’s name is not all that terrifying, I’ll give you that. This thing is like a iguana, owl, poison thing. They are a smaller sized monster, but can become a menace if ill prepared.

Click here to watch!


Cutscene on discovery

This guy has a hard head! It has kind of like a T-rex structure. It’ll come charging at you endlessly. It’s tail is also massive in size. There is no hesitation for it to try and squish you using it either.

I have it’s arena battle HERE!

Tobi Kadachi

Electric serpant dog. I like these names!

The Tobi Kadachi is quick and agile. It will leap from across the map and hover like a flying squirrel. I don’t know how to describe half these creatures but oh boy do I LOVE fighting them!

Right here is my arena fight with it!


It. Looks. Pissed.

So this guy also has a T-rex base structure, but he is extremely thicc. He is fluffy and dangerous all at once! He’ll charge at you, uprooting trees and chasing you down with them! My first time fighting him was when I first bought the expansion Iceborne… I died a lot.

Now? You can watch me exact my revenege… kind of… here!

Master Rank

For those of you who do not know. The game has different ranks. Low Rank is the grade and difficulty of monsters you first start fighting. Afterwards you fight High Rank monster which is where Elder Dragons are introduced. Finally there is Master Rank. I would say it’s the hardest version… alas it is not.

Even after High Rank or Master Rank there are versions of the monster that are traited as “Tempered”. They are stroger, faster and have even more endurance. Sounds scary right? Now think about Arch-Tempered…

Try the game out and I hope you enjoy!

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