I’m Back!

Alright everyone, I’m a one man blog and I had to take a few days off. Having a newborn is A LOT of work. That aside I also am in college and have two other children, so I may setup a schedule of posting mon-fri and take the weekends off.

Todays post is going to be random ramblings about my life. I hope you find something interesting!

First thing first, I got a new camera recently. It’s a Sony A6000 and it’s the GREATEST. CAMERA. EVER. Okay, I know that is an extremely subjective opinion… but I stand by it.

I got the camera because my wife wanted newborn pictures since the hospital no longer offered the service. Me being stubborn with technology refused to settle for some $50 digital camera. So with my brothers recommendation, I spent $500 for the camera with an 16mm-55mm lense.

Now I can’t put the stupid thing down. I’m taking pictures of everything. My kids, nature, my ridiculous memoribilia, and I even started recording a friends online course. Oh? You didn’t know it could record? Of course it can! 1080p 60fps and it looks AMAZING.

My princess Friede :3 picture taken using said camera

So this post has started unintentionally transitioning to a camera post… Let’s rock it! This camera is the greatest device I have bought all year. I had ordered it off of Amazon as a bundle. The strap is VERY sturdy but it was a pain to attach(I could just be reallllly dumb).

My wifes mothersday flowers. Also taken with the camera

Honestly, I have been so absolved in my school work, and newborn. I havn’t done anything interesting lately so if you have any questions about me or my family feel free to ask!

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