A game I truly love.

My Velkhana statue °○°

So I’m a pleb. This has been well established but one of the things that I love? And I know others can join in on this. My love for games.

People have youtube channels, recreations, drawings, and so on. I as a child never thought there were others who loved gaming as much as me. I especially would have never thought that other would love it more!

I digress on my point. Games are awesome. From the very beginning they allowed people to do various things with simple controls. As time advanced so did the graphics. Truly, games have become a form of art itself.

Monster Hunter World

This game may still be fairly new, but I can’t stop gushing over it. The world is beautiful. The creativity that went into the games design. It’s all truly astounding!

For anyone who has never played a Monster Hunter game, you play as a hunter wielding ungodly sized weapons. I’ll give you a guess at what you’re fighting! These monsters range in size but some seem like absolute behemoths.

These monsters have astounding designs ranging from dragons, to hellhounds, weird rolling guys? THERE IS EVEN A T-REX. They look fairly realistic and their movements are well fluent. At least in my opinion!

So, with most rpg games a player has armor and weapons right? Well in this game you have to craft everything… and I mean EVERYTHING. It’s in the coolest way possible though.

You have to hunt the monsters and either capture them or kill them. If you choose to kill them you have to carve their bodies for parts. Each armor set has a unique design and they are each beautifully crafted.

Me and my Palico PandaIce (Don’t judge)

Palicos? What are they? THE BEST COMPANIONS EVER! Not only do they fight by your side but they have their own armor, equipment and abilities. I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve been saved by PandaIce and I would die FOR HIM ANYDAY.

Honestly this post became quit convoluted. Either way I highly recommend this game. I personally was not a fan of the earlier games in the series but this one absolute captavated me. As a pleb I hope you all have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoyed my rambling!

Cya later

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