What All Plebs Love


Okay, maybe it’s just me. This game is absolutely amazing though. The creative capabilities are endless with enough time invested!

Me when I first started!

When I first heard that there was a new Animal Crossing game, I thought it wasn’t gonna be anything special. Until one day I stopped in at a fellow plebs work and he was playing it! He let me try it out and I KNEW I had to get it.

Opening Nook’s Cranny!

So in turn, I clearly bought the game and fell in love instantly. I sat there picking weeds for hours. I was hitting rocks and shakig trees. It was a blast from the past. When I first opened Nook’s Cranny I was so excited as it meant I could start earning bells and buying random objects!!

Opening The Museum!

The vast array of activities is astounding. From catching bugs, to fishing, to crafting. You can visit other islands, eventually terraform, and even make best friends!

Town Hall as the island grows!

Aside from all the customizations, and cool features the game has to offer… there is something about it that I zone into. When I play this game, I could happily never stop. I feel like I am in a world of my own design. It’s a peaceful thing designing it all. Finding the perfect outfits as well is amazing!

The Able Sister are here!

Speaking of clothing, being able to design your own is amazing. You can create all sorts of patterns which can be used for shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, hats, or if your patient enough you could make roads! I created my own rainbow pathway and it was so worth it.

The end of my post

I truly enjoy this game. I know everyone talks about it, but I can’t help myself. This game is amazing, and Nintendo is still the best gaming company. In my eyes that is. Cya plebs!

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