You know, this whole plague that’s going on in the world. I woke up today and I couldn’t stop thinking of some things.

How quickly it happened.

Who all it’s affecting.

What can be done to prevent contraction, or at least try.

Now being nothing more than pleb I can only speak from personal experience and what I know about the virus. So take everything I say with a grain of salt.

Speed of Transmission

This virus transmits via respiratory droplets. Now what a lot of people don’t know is how easily these droplets transfer. If you are infected, just breathing will release these droplets. Sneezing and coughing not only releases them, but pushes them further through the air due to the power of your cough/sneeze.

These droplets land on a multitude of surfaces, and the virus then sits and waits. Now the type of material the droplet lands on will determine how long it will survive. If a surface is porous, or absorbs liquids easily, the virus will then stick around for a bit longer. If the surface is solid, and non-porous it could dissipate/disappear more easily.

From the multitude of surfaces that come in contact with these droplets, are you really ever safe? The answer is yes, but we will discuss why in the prevention section.

Who It’s Affecting

Now as the CDC and WHO states, those most at risk of contracting it are… well, everyone. Every person has the possibility of contraction, and every person should stay vigilant.

Those who are most susceptible to having complications in being infected are those who have Auto-Immune conditions. Their immune system is not strong enough to be able to defend their body from the Covid-19 wrath.

Others who are susceptible are those with poor lung or heart health. With Covid-19 being an extremely bad version of pneumonia(not really but kind of) it fills your lungs with fluid. If you don’t have a strong set of lungs you’re not going to be able to sustain a good lung capacity with fluid inside of them.

You may ask well what does your heart have to do with it? Well, your heart pumps blood through your veins. What also travels through your veins? White blood cells, and they are the main part of your immune system. If your heart isn’t strong enough to sustain the workload on a normal basis, being in a weakened state will be even more detrimental.


Now first and above all else STAYING AT HOME IS THE BEST WAY.

Okay, now aside from that there are a lot of tricks that you can use. Disinfect anything that you question who has touched it. Bleach is your best friend in times like this, but at the same time there is no need to go overboard.

If it’s food that is being cooked, you will be fine. As long as the food is being cooked to the correct temperatures, there should be 0 concerns as the virus cannot survive at that high of temperatures.

Shipped items! So I myself am a fan of ordering EVERYTHIG off of Amazon. I love that website but I digress. If you order packages the best thing to do is leave them outside for a few hours. The sun releases radiation, which is our heat/light, and that radiation can kill the virus if exposed long enough.

Hand washing, which should be common sense. Anything you touch, that has not been previously sterilized, should result in your hands being washed. If you are inside your house, and there is no one else there on a regular basis. You should be fine. If you have ANY house mates though? You never know where they’ve been, what they’ve touched, or what has touched them! So wash your hands a lot if you don’t live alone.

Face masks. This is my favorite discussion point because of how many people argue against them.

Face masks are a beautiful thing. They may not be the most comfortable or aesthetically pleasing BUT those droplets a person releases?


Unless you have a high grade mask it is only there to protect others. When I say high grade, I am reffering to the mask actually filtering viruses. I believe the N-95 filters 90-100% of viruses, and amother one can filter up to 80%.

Just like vaccinations, this is to be treated almost like a herd immunity. Those who have contracted the virus are not capable of spreading their droplets while wearing a mask. Preventing everyone in their vicinty from contracting the virus as well.

Now just wearing a mask doesn’t help. You need to wear the mask RIGHT. There is a correct way, and incorrect way. A lot of people don’t seem to understand that concept. So if you’re reading this, and you’re unsure? I’m here to help!

To wear a mask the proper way, you want BOTH YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH COVERED. Most masks have a form of malleable yet sturdy material which is supposed to pinch around the nose. This prevents droplets from escaping from the sides of your nose. If you have any facial hair, you’re already defeating the purpose. Your beard prevents the mask feom making a sufficient seal. Risking droplets escaping from all edges of the mask.

At least I tried!

People may look at this post, they may not. Either way I am happy in knowing that I am at least doing my part to try and help educate people on such a deadly virus! Have a beautiful plebian day!

Here is my pretty kitty to cheer you up!

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