Monster Hunter Armor!

As you hunt through the different environments, taking these large beasts down, you will be collecting various pieces of them. This could be a fin, shell, bone, claw, wing webbing, who knows! It's what you can do with them that counts! Here is an updated picture due to me realizing the last one didn't show... Continue Reading →

The Real Hunt

Now I play this game a lot, so it makes sense that I discuss it a lot. Along with recording arena fights to display monsters. I decided to record wild hunts of monsters. My eventual goal is to record every monster available in the game and bring it all to one place! Great Jagras The... Continue Reading →

Back to Monster Hunter!

Did I tell you how much I love this game? I've been working on trying to set my computer up to record gameplay. Here are four of the monsters being fought in an arena. I am horrible. Pukei Pukei Pukei Pukei - weird iguana, owl, poison thing It's name is not all that terrifying, I'll... Continue Reading →

I’m Back!

Alright everyone, I'm a one man blog and I had to take a few days off. Having a newborn is A LOT of work. That aside I also am in college and have two other children, so I may setup a schedule of posting mon-fri and take the weekends off. Todays post is going to... Continue Reading →

Top 10 games

FULL DISCLOSURE... SPOILERSSSS Okay, so todays post is going to be one inspired by my love for gaming. I frequently see videos or other articles detailing someone elses top 10. I decided to make my own! Now this list is completely biased and some portions may be emotional based. 10. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Okay,... Continue Reading →

What is life?

So as I sit here in my home, I frequently think to myself "What is the purpose of life?". Now there are many arguments to this statement. Some say life is meant to spread knowledge and procreate. Other say there is no purpose to life. My take on life As I usually mention, I'm a... Continue Reading →

A game I truly love.

My Velkhana statue °○° So I'm a pleb. This has been well established but one of the things that I love? And I know others can join in on this. My love for games. People have youtube channels, recreations, drawings, and so on. I as a child never thought there were others who loved gaming... Continue Reading →


You know, this whole plague that's going on in the world. I woke up today and I couldn't stop thinking of some things. How quickly it happened. Who all it's affecting. What can be done to prevent contraction, or at least try. Now being nothing more than pleb I can only speak from personal experience... Continue Reading →

What All Plebs Love

ANIMAL CROSSING: New Horizons Okay, maybe it's just me. This game is absolutely amazing though. The creative capabilities are endless with enough time invested! Me when I first started! When I first heard that there was a new Animal Crossing game, I thought it wasn't gonna be anything special. Until one day I stopped in... Continue Reading →

What Is A Pleb?

For anyone who comes across this and questions what a pleb is. Us plebs are common folk! We are not celebrities nor are we well noted in history. That doesn't mean we are not great though! Why did I start this blog? Well, I find it interesting to find the little nooks and crannys of... Continue Reading →

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